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Legal Issues

Legislative and Caselaw Updates

Sarah Helvey
Jessica Hilderbrand
(2011 Regional Conference)

Description:Legislative and Caselaw Updates in the state of Nebraska

Trainer: Sarah Helvey is a Staff Attorney and Director of the Child Welfare System Accountability Program at the Nebraska Appleseed Center for Law in the Public Interest. Before coming to Appleseed in 2006, Sarah practiced at a non-profit public interest law firm in Madison, Wisconsin, where she focused primarily in the areas of juvenile and family law and served as a guardian ad litem and advocate counsel for juveniles. While in Madison, Sarah was elected to the Board of Directors of the Children and the Law Section of the Wisconsin Bar Association and sat on the Advisory Board for the University of Wisconsin Law School's Children's Justice Project. Sarah received her undergraduate degree magna cum laude from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a master's degree and law degree cum laude from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sarah has been appointed to serve on the Nebraska Supreme Court Commission on Children in the Courts and the Mayor of Omaha's Fair Housing Advisory Board.

Jessica Hilderbrand is the Program Officer for the Nebraska Youth Intiative at Nebraska Children and Families Foundation

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[Part I]: Videos of the Session
  1. Legislative and Caselaw Updates Sarah Helvey

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[Part II]: Videos of the Session
  1. Fostering Connections Act and LB 177 Jessica Hilderbrand & Sarah Helvey

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