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Tesla Repair Center

Enjoy the services provided by the best electronic car company Tesla

With the advancing technology, alternatives have been provided to a thing which has been a hurdle in development or has caused certain damage to the environment. There are various such alternatives which have proven to be extremely helpful to cope up with the damage and have shown promising results that can eventually make them highly common in the coming years. One of these applications is the Tesla Motor company which deals in manufacturing electronic vehicles. Initially known as Tesla Motors, Inc. this is an American company which makes energy efficient products and electronic automobiles.  It is based in Palo Alto in California. Special emphasis is on the production of electric cars through SolarCity and solar panel manufacturing. The founders of the company include Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Later it was joined by Elon Musk and J. B Straubel. Till June 2018 Tesla sells its vehicles in Model S, Model X and Model 3 along with various powerwall and powerpack batteries, solar panels, solar roof tiles, and similar products.

The technology of Tesla

An integrated manufacturer of products, Tesla has mastered multiple technologies and similar domains such as batteries, electric motors, sensors, and artificial intelligence. Tesla has installed various charging stations which have a network of 480 volts charging Supercharger stations. Apart from the convenience that Tesla provides, an auto repair shop service is also available which makes sure the damage or collisions done to the car are eliminated. Till 2018, 1359 supercharger stations have been installed globally with over 11,234 superchargers. A supercharger is a direct current or DC technology that provides about 120kW of power and gets fully charged in 75 minutes. Tesla has corporate headquarters and also showrooms and gallery all over the world.

Reasons to buy a Tesla car

Following are the reasons which can explain why Tesla car which is electronic vehicles. The Tesla authorized repair shops to offer excellent repair services which is also one of the best feature of the Tesla Company to look forward to. These reasons are the major points which can be considered for opting a Tesla car:

  • Tesla offers unmatched safety. The Tesla cars have shown the best safety ratings in the past years with reliable safety and commendable features.
  • Tesla cars have ludicrous acceleration. The Model S P100D is faster from 0 to 60 mph than most of the cars in history. This feature makes driving relatively less stressful and makes driving easier in a fast moving traffic.
  • The feature of autopilot reduces the stress of driving and is one of the most desired features in the vehicle. This has made Tesla rise high amongst the league of excellent cars.
  • The technology features such as huge navigation screen, music & radio options, software updates, smart suspensions, self-presenting, and falcon-wing doors.
  • The style and design of Tesla cars cannot be ignored and one can adore the way the vehicles are designed and styled. Aesthetically it is highly appealing which can be considered for buying a Tesla car.
  • The front trunk or frunk of Tesla is super convenient and all the parts such as batteries, motor vehicle and electronic control are integrated with the vehicle so well that it cannot be seen easily and even a storage space is left under the hood.
  • There is no fuel tank in Tesla cars. There is a huge battery pack which contains the energy storage cells with the cooling system. All these give Tesla a perfect low center of gravity which helps the car to stick to the road on the corners or ride swiftly on mountain roads.
  • The instrument panel in Tesla cars has a massive, center mounted and 17-inch display screen which provides clear and easy to use the control.
  • Tesla cars have a propulsion system where there are two moving parts and a single speed transmission with no gears. The system is virtually maintenance free.
  • The battery system of Tesla has set it apart from other battery operated cars. Tesla sues cells that are made in the common 18650 cylindrical formats. The cells of Tesla cars use a nickel-cobalt-aluminum-lithium chemistry which has almost 50% more energy density than the other electric vehicles. This helps Tesla cars to perform better and offers a long range.
  • Wireless updates are one of the most loved features of Tesla. It provides regular software updates for its cars and delivers them effectively. Most of the updates are free and required by the car for proper functioning. Autopilot feature is a huge driver assistance system in Tesla cars. The auto repair shop offered by Tesla is an efficient and convenient repair service offered by the company.
  • Tesla has installed a new service of Destination Charging Location in 2014 which is a network installed in various restaurants, shopping malls, resorts and various other full-service stations where on-site vehicle charging is provided. In 2016, Tesla launched European destination charging with over 150 locations. These chargers appear in the navigation system of the cars.

Repair of Tesla cars

Tesla has amazing vehicles which are safe and has great body structure design with advanced casting with adhesive bonding technology. But all vehicles need repair and servicing and we have trained professionals who work to rebuild the Tesla vehicles to bring original value and quality of the vehicle along with structural integrity and quality of its finish. The Tesla auto repair shop centers known as Tesla Body Repair Centers are available for any kind of collision repair in San Jose, California, and Pomona, California.

For light collision repair, Tesla has set up Body Repair Centers in nine cities which includes Washington, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, California, and Illinois. The company repair centers can be called upon for any kind of appointments by the Customer Support Body Shop. They ensure that if they would not be available for repair the vehicle using the Tesla authorized repair shop. Then a third party auto repair shop approved by Tesla Body Shop Network will be sent for the repair. Tesla expects high standards from the Body shop Repair network as we provide rigorous training and assessment to all the technicians who are appointed to work on the vehicle. The aluminum welding capability is ensured so that all safety-critical welded points are secured. These services are made sure that it satisfies our OEM specifications with high-quality adhesive and mechanical joining technology which is used in the design and construction of a Tesla vehicle. Working together to provide customer satisfaction has been one of the top priorities of Tesla.