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Through The Eyes of the Child Initiative

Through The Eyes of the Child Initiative

Working to Improve the Lives of Nebraska's Children


  • Oral Arguments in Abuse/Neglect cases from the Nebraska Court of Appeals and the Nebraska Supreme Court.
  • Nebraska County and Juvenile Court Practice Guide for Through the Eyes local teams' use in selecting best practices. Adopted from the NCJFCJ Resource Guidelines and Adoption and Permanency Guidelines.
  • Standards of Practice for Attorneys Representing Parents in Abuse and Neglect Cases. For a a basic introduction book called 'Representing Parents in Child Welfare Cases' please click here.
  • Abuse/Neglect Court Order Forms: Breeze Tutorials These are Breeze presentations explaining the Nebraska Abuse and Neglect Court Order Forms. For fill-in/pdf copies of the NE Supreme Court Forms go to their website here.
  • 2007 Nebraska Revised Statutes also known as the "Red Book", this publication is compiled as a reference guide for lawyers, judges, social service workers, and other professionals who work in the juvenile system in Nebraska.
  • Mental and Physical Conditions Encountered in Child Protection and Juvenile Justice: This publication is intended to be a resource for Health and Human Service workers, attorneys, judges, CASA volunteers, and others who work with families in the child protection or juvenile justice systems. Current information about a variety of mental and physical conditions is provided, including definitions, prevalence, causes, treatment, and family and developmental issues. Additionally, information about psychotropic medications, common street drugs, and commonly used psychological tests is included. Internet resources are included in most sections so readers can easily update the information. Note space is included so that users can record local resources or add other information.
  • For more information on foster parents in court proceedings, see "Rights and Responsibilities of Foster Parents in the Courtroom" by Judge Douglas Johnson.
  • Click here to read about Judge Johnson's Zero to Five Family Drug Treatment Court in an article published in the Fall 2007 Creighton Lawyer Magazine.


Other Tools:

  • Click here to download a fill in form of the Pre-Adjudication Case Plan
  • Click here to download a fill in form of the Pre-Adjudication Conference Report
  • Click here to view the stages of child development
  • Click here to view the check list for interviewing children

To view the Psychological Evaluation Reports Axes of Diagnosis including V Codes and Global Assessment of Function Scale, click Here

If you have questions or concerns about content posted here, or have additional items you think may be useful please contact:

Melissa Townsend (Court Improvement Project)