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The Nebraska Court Improvement Project, the Through the Eyes of the Child Initiative, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Psychological Consultation Center presents

Infant Mental Health: Relationship-Based Assessments & Child Parent Psychotherapy Training

With Joy Osofsky, PhD

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Training Documents:

The Nebraska Court led Through the Eyes of the Child Initiative has sponsored a series of day-long seminars around the state, Helping Babies from the Bench, that has provided a general framework for courts and their partners to improve their practice with infants and toddlers in the abuse and neglect system. One essential component of effective judicial practice for these most vulnerable children is access to evidence-based assessments and interventions for abused and/or neglected infants and toddlers, many who exhibit significant problems in regulating their emotions, forming and maintaining trusting intimate relationships, and developing age appropriate cognitive, physical, verbal, and social skills. This training provides a foundation for psychologists and other mental health practitioners in relationship-based assessments, child-parent psychotherapy, and communication to the Court.

This training took place on April 20-21, 2009. The audience for the training was mental health professionals who are providing child-parent psychotherapy in their communities.

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Supplemental Documentation: