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Caselaw updates

These are the most recent caselaw summaries:

In re Interest of Addison F. et al.

Tuesday, March 13th 2012

Filed on March 13, 2012
Not designated for permanent publication, A-11-782

SUMMARY: An order suspending visitation where a TPR trial was imminent, the allegations for termination pertained to issues other than lack of contact, and the mother had recently re-appeared after being out-of-contact for six months is not final and appealable. 

Brandy is [...]

In re Interest of Kevin H. and Kaylee H.

Monday, March 12th 2012

Filed on March 12, 2012
Not designated for permanent publication, A-11-710

SUMMARY: Termination of parental rights was proper where the father was unwilling to address his meth addiction even though given a reasonable amount of time. Termination based on allegations of substance abuse not part of the original adjudication was [...]

In re Interest of Autumn L. et al.

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Filed on March 6, 2012
Not designated for permanent publication, A-11-313

SUMMARY: Termination of parental rights was improper because the parents have made significant improvements as parents, have worked extremely hard to regain custody and have made progress toward the case goals. 

Autumn L., DOB 9/99, Nancy W., DOB 7/03, Amber W., DOB [...]

In re Interest of Davonest D. et al.

Tuesday, February 21st 2012

Filed on February 21, 2012
19 Neb. App. 543, ____ N.W.2d ____

SUMMARY: The incarcerated father’s absence at the termination of parental rights trial denied him his due process rights because even though the court made initial efforts to notify him it took no official action after receiving a sheriff’s request for [...]

In re Interest of Ryder J.

Friday, February 17th 2012

Filed on February 17, 2012
283 Neb. 318, ____ N.W.2d ____

SUMMARY: A single incident which included strangling causing hemorrhaging, damaging the child’s genitals and the existence of bruising is sufficient to be considered aggravated circumstances under N.R.S. 43-292(9), even though there was no permanent injury as a result. Termination of [...]