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  • Chadron State College senior social work majors will be hosting a child welfare conference on Wednesday, November 5th. The conference, which will address child welfare throughout the state of Nebraska, will run from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. in the CSC Student Center Ballroom. Conference attendance and lunch will be free and open to the public. Click here for more information.

  • The Nebraska legislature recently allocated five million dollars to the Community-Based Juvenile Services Aid Program, which provides funds to Nebraska counties and tribes to establish and deliver community-based services for youth in the juvenile justice system. Click here for full press release.

  • On November 5th and 6th, St. Monica's is hosting a 1.5 day professional conference called "Intersections: Improving Outcomes: Women, Addiction, Trauma, and the Law" - Details on our website. One track is devoted to issues in the Justice system (other tracks are behavioral heath and child/family issues). The justice track includes:
    • A 90 minute talk by Stephanie Covington, PhD on creating trauma informed services for women
    • A 90 minute panel (including Scott Carlson, Hon. Karen Flowers, Kim Etherton, and other staff members of the judicial branch) on Promising Practices in Drug Court
    • A 60 minute talk by Amy Latshaw on Juvenile Justice substance abuse evaluation
    • There are still a few spots left for those who would like to register.

  • NDHHS announced the opportunity for Medicaid coverage to age 26 includes not only youth who age out of foster care at 19, but also youth who left foster care at the age of 18. Previously, there was a question over whether the ACA provision for Medicaid coverage to age 26 included both 18 & 19 year olds. Read the story here and on 10/24 watch the public hearing on the interim study of the impact of the ACA provision on NET OnDemand.

  • Creighton University is offering a Law Seminar on Complex Issues in Juvenile Court Practices VII Friday on October 24th, 2014. Nebraska has approved 6.83 hours CLE, including 1 hour of Professional Responsibility. While Iowa has approved 6.75 hours CLE, including 1 hour of Ethics. Please note there is a different pricing structure this year--one fee, with the juvenile law book; and another fee, without the book. Click hereto view a detailed brochure about the seminar. Or Click hereto register.

  • Most sections of legislative bill 464 went into effect on July 18, 2014. Click here to view our webinar and supporting materials including: power point slides ; jurisdictional chart; payment of services flow chart; and a section by section summary. For any questions or concerns regarding LB 464 please contact Christine Henningsenfor more information.

  • The new Young Child Court Form was rolled out at the regional conferences.  This form was created by a committee of mental health and juvenile court practitioners, and piloted at Omaha Kids and Judges Day.  The form is intended for children around the ages of 6 to 10, and is meant to provide the child a voice in the court process and to let the judge know how he/she is doing.  Local teams are urged to develop a process to ensure all young children are being encouraged to complete the form and the form is being sent to the court. Click here for the form or it can also be located under the resources tab.

  • The Older Youth Court Questionnaire has been updated as part of our efforts in making the form web-based. The changes were made based on suggestions from judges and Project Everlast councils, and the language has been made more understandable to young people. Click here to find the updated form.

  • A new report has been issued which outlines some of the biggest barriers the ICPC process can pose for families separated by state lines. Read it, here. For more information on the ICPC process, visit our ICPC page.

From Chief Justice Michael Heavican

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  1. Improve service delivery to the family - frontloaded, targeted to the issues and effective
  2. Improve our response to older youth in care
  3. Expedite quality evaluations and targeted treatment for substance-abusing parents

Spotlight Issue

  • Impact from Infancy – Douglas County
    Impact From Infancy is funded by The Buffett Early Childhood Fund and targets families with children age zero to five that have been removed from the parental home pursuant to an abuse/neglect filing in Douglas County Juvenile Court. The goals are to reduce the amount of time young children spend in foster care, reduce the number of placements, identify barriers to timely and appropriate service interventions, facilitate early service implementation, and decrease their risk for re-entry into the child welfare system.

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Spotlight Team

  • Innovation in Dodge County Juvenile Court
    On May 14, 2014, Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike Heavican, State Court Administrator Corey Steele, Director of Dispute Resolution and Special Programs Debora Denny Brownyard, myself, and other juvenile justice stakeholders, travelled to Fremont to visit with the Honorable Kenneth Vampola and view Dodge County’s newly renovated juvenile courtroom.

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Latest Caselaw Updates

  • In re Interest of Makayla W
    In re Interest of Makayla W No. A-14-201; Not designated for permanent publication Filed August 26, 2014 SUMMARY: Termination of the father’s parental rights was proper where the child was placed in out of home care for two and a half years and required special care. Hailey (born in 2004) was removed [...]
  • In re Interest of Nemiah F.
    In re Interest of Nemiah F. No. A-14-310; Not designated for permanent publication Filed October 20, 2014 SUMMARY: Evidence that the mother had six children previously removed from her care and had not addressed the issue that put her children at risk was sufficient to support terminating her parental rights to [...]
  • In re Interest of Gabriella H.
    In re Interest of Gabriella H. Filed October 24, 2014 No. S-13-900 ____  N.W.2d ____ Summary:   The Nebraska Supreme Court reversed 22 Neb. App. 70 and upheld Colfax County Court’s original decision terminating the father’s rights based on abandonment.   The Court of Appeals had reversed the original decision regarding abandonment citing uncertainty regarding paternity and also [...]
  • In re Interest of Eyllan J.
    In re Interest of Eyllan J. Filed October 21, 2014 Not designated for permanent publication No. A-14-300 Summary: In an opinion written by Judge Irwin, the Court of Appeals affirmed the Scottsbluff County Juvenile Court decision, which terminated the parental rights of Nathaniel V. over his son Eyllan J. The Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act (NICWA) applied to [...]
  • In re Interest of Izabella W.
    No. A-14-0208; Not designated for permanent publication Filed October 3, 2014 SUMMARY: A father was not denied due process when the judge denied father’s motion to transport from prison to the termination hearing, but did allow counsel to be present and the father to participate via video conferencing. In addition, termination of parental rights was in the [...]
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