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  • Regional Conferences Are Coming Up: The all-day trainings addressing topics pertinent to local teams of the Through the Eyes of the Child Initiative. Click here for the Save the Date information or click here to register. Topics to be covered include: youth voice; restorative justice; detention alternatives; and updates from HHS & Probation. We hope you can join us!
  • The Older Youth Court Questionnaire has been updated as part of our efforts in making the form web-based. The changes were made based on suggestions from judges and Project Everlast councils, and the language has been made more understandable to young people. Click here to find the updated form.
  • Registration for Impact of Trauma on Children, with co-trainer Jennie Cole Mossman, is now available through the Project Harmony website. Read more about the Sarpy Country program here. Or the Douglas Country program here The purpose of this program is to learn practical applications about how to get your clients screened, assessed, and treated for trauma and mental health services. The program is being offered on August 9th and 27th, Click here for the August 9th registration or here for the August 27th registration.
  • A new report has been issued which outlines some of the biggest barriers the ICPC process can pose for families separated by state lines. Read it, here. For more information on the ICPC process, visit our ICPC page.

From Chief Justice Michael Heavican

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Aug 27th Omaha Team Meeting
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  1. Improve service delivery to the family - frontloaded, targeted to the issues and effective
  2. Improve our response to older youth in care
  3. Expedite quality evaluations and targeted treatment for substance-abusing parents

Spotlight Issue

  • Crossover Youth Practice Model Implementation in Douglas County
    The Crossover Youth Practice Model (CYPM) aims to improve outcomes for “crossover youth” – youth who have experienced maltreatment, engaged in delinquency and are known to both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. Research shows that youth who have been abused or neglected are at higher risk of entering the juvenile justice system, therefore becoming “crossover” youth. CYPM was formally implemented in Douglas County November 1, 2012 after nearly a year of program development with the local stakeholder group and technical assistance from the Georgetown Center for Juvenile Justice Reform (CJJR).

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Spotlight Team

  • Innovation in Dodge County Juvenile Court
    On May 14, 2014, Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike Heavican, State Court Administrator Corey Steele, Director of Dispute Resolution and Special Programs Debora Denny Brownyard, myself, and other juvenile justice stakeholders, travelled to Fremont to visit with the Honorable Kenneth Vampola and view Dodge County’s newly renovated juvenile courtroom.

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Latest Caselaw Updates

  • In re Interest of Catalino V.
    In re Interest of Catalino V. No. A-13-816; Not designated for permanent publication Filed August 13, 2014 SUMMARY: Termination of a father’s parental rights was proper where there was evidence that the father had little contact with his son and did not participate in services. In addition, the termination of a mother’s [...]
  • In re Interest of Baby Boy R.
    In re Interest of Baby Boy R. No. A-14-41; Not designated for permanent publication Filed July 9, 2014 SUMMARY: The State proved by preponderance of the evidence that HHS custody was necessary for the child’s welfare where the mother had failed to rehabilitate herself in the two years of offered services following the removal of [...]
  • In re Interest of Adrian L. et. al.
    No. A-13-992; Not designated for permanent publication Filed June 19, 2014 SUMMARY: Evidence that a mother failed to address her illegal drug use and that the child tested positive for PCP was sufficient to terminate a mother’s parental rights.   In January 2013, the State of Nebraska filed a supplemental petition after Na’Rodshae (DOB: January, 2013) tested [...]
  • In re Interest of Malachi W. et al.
    No. A-13-0678; Not designated for permanent publication Filed May 16, 2014 SUMMARY: Termination of parental rights was supported by evidence that the parents’ personal deficiencies, including alcohol dependency and domestic violence, prevented them from performing reasonable parental obligations, even though there was evidence that the parents had made some progress.   The State of Nebraska filed [...]
  • In re Interest of Elijah M.
    No. A-13-945; Not designated for permanent publication Filed June 19, 2014 SUMMARY: Termination of parental rights was supported by evidence that the mother had had her parental rights terminated as to three other children and the mother failed to take responsibility for her action. In addition, the issue of the constitutionality of a court order relieving DHHS [...]
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